Which is your favourite game?

I’m working on pervasive games for my master thesis and I have to ask you a little favour.
Can you please tell me which is your favourite game and why?
Doesn’t matter if it’s a computer game, a card game, fight with your bigger brother or whatelse. Just write a short comment to explain why do you like it.
Thanks in advance for your help!

p.s. For the people that are wondering why am I working on pervasive games for my master thesis or what is the relation with my studies, I’ll answer that is a good way for working and having fun together! 😉

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  1. Balur’s gate 2, per la sua complessità. infatti non l’ho mai finito, ma resta comunque un capolavoro 🙂

  2. Hard question Marco,

    I think I’ll choose Risk. I like to play it when we are more than 4 persons, we can spend hours playing and there’s a lot of strategy. I really like to have “discussions” with the people in order to conquer the world (or not be kicked out of the game in a few turns) hahaha 🙂

  3. Hi Marco !

    I would say the “Zelda” games (espacially Ocarina of tme) because like the universe that have been created

  4. The Incredible Machine and Armadillo Run
    Sim City series
    Super Mario series
    gorilla.bas and nibbles.bas

    (Did you watch Dennou Coil as I told you to?)

  5. Thank you everybody for your help. Hope to receive more comments.

    @CAFxX: Ehm… I forgot but I will!

  6. came here after seeing a link for your netbook browsing tips, and thought i’d help if i could
    my favorite games would be either ocarina of time or sin and punishment, ocarina because of the immersive world that is created, and sin and punishment because of the wall to wall action in which you rely purely on your skill to survive. gunstar heroes is a close second on that category

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