Which is your favourite game?

I’m working on pervasive games for my master thesis and I have to ask you a little favour.
Can you please tell me which is your favourite game and why?
Doesn’t matter if it’s a computer game, a card game, fight with your bigger brother or whatelse. Just write a short comment to explain why do you like it.
Thanks in advance for your help!

p.s. For the people that are wondering why am I working on pervasive games for my master thesis or what is the relation with my studies, I’ll answer that is a good way for working and having fun together! 😉

Social networks 3.0?

Hello everybody, this is my first post on this blog. Actually I think it’s my first serious post on a blog.

During the last months I had to do with context-aware applications, social networks, user experience and this kind of stuff for my master thesis in Media engineering. I still haven’t choose any project to work on but I came out with some considerations on the actual social networks.

At the moment Facebook seems to be the best network for number of users, features and API. Google Friend has much less users but gives useful informations about the friends geolocation. Is this so revolutionary? Is this all we could ever have?

For sure I’m able to find my old schoolmates, to keep in contact with some friends living far away, to write my short notes on Twitter and to recall the face of the girl I met last night. But I think we could have much more!

Imagine a service that could manage the relations between people. A service that let the user control his personal data and choose who have the permit to see these data. I’m not thinking about an ethical Facebook but an innovative platform that could be used as the base layer to build applications like Facebook, a pervasive game, a restaurant app that consider my friends preferences to give better suggestions, a tool for keeping my contact list always updated and much more.

Imagine a social network open, free and distributed.

I’d like to know what you think about this idea.