Founded in 2006, Strayorange was born from the cooperation of Carlo Alberto Ferraris and Marco Sgrignuoli to be able to scale their competences to handle complex projects.
Strayorange focuses mainly on web development, graphics and multimedia.


Aequimast – identity, custom web platform, advertising
CAFxXcrossway – personal web site (custom CMS)
Cantascuola – wordpress customization
Corsi di Guida Sicura by – web site, photo session
Farmacia degli Stemmi – custom CMS and design, advertising
Gardening at Night – wordpress customization, identity – personal web site
Giorgio Guiot – custom CMS and design
Kimera Italian Boats – identity, web site, advertising
L.B. Noleggio – identity, web site
– identity, wordpress customization, advertising
li abbiamo seminati – web site
Marco Sgrignuoli – personal web site
Non Aver Paura – wordpress customization
Petit Jardin – identity
Sgrignuoli Gino – identity, web site
Trofeo San Mauro – identity, web site, advertising


For all inquiries please write to

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